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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Although he never married my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Elizabeth Hannell, possibly because he was already married - with 2 children, one of which was nearly 4 yrs of age - JAMES WALTON was the 'father' of this family, to which I belong, and never given due respect for it.

James was born around the year, 1763, possibly in Bow Brickhill, Buckinghamshire, England. He had been a private in the Coldstream Guards for thirteen years, and spent most of his time in, or around, the Drury Lane, and Execution Dock area of London. His father had been in the Lancashire militia for 26 years, and he had four brothers, who had all been, or were still, in the army.

His birth year is only guessed at as a result of his age being given as 38 years, during his trial for Theft, on the 1st July, 1801, having been committed on the 8th June. He was described as six feet tall, dark of complexion with Brown hair, and grey eyes.

Walton was found guilty and sentenced to Death. However, as I am here to write this, the sentence must have been reduced to transportation for Life, to Sydney/Parramatta. He was shipped out on the HMS Glatton, and arrived on the 11th March, 1803.

After several years of servitude, and obviously showing good behaviour, Walton became a Ticket-of- Leave man, and, also, District Constable and Scourger, for Parramatta.

He met Elizabeth Hannell shortly after she arrived at the Female Factory at Parramatta, in 1812. They became parents of a boy child, James, who was born on 1st December, 1813. In the following years, two more boys appeared on the family scene. John, born 27th Aug, 1815, and Jesse, born 15th Nov, 1817. All boys were baptised at St. John's Church of England, Parramatta.

Walton was mainly responsible for the upbringing of the three boys, as Elizabeth was again caught committing a felony, and went to trial on 29th June, 1820, and sentenced to transportation for Life to Newcastle. (This act by Elizabeth appears really senseless, as she had only been sent, originally, to Australia, for 7 years, which would have been completed a year before, in 1819!).

Elizabeth was transported to Newcastle on the brig, Princess Charlotte, and arrived on 27th July, 1820.

What happened to James Walton is unknown.

It is conjecture also, as to whether the three boys followed their mother to Newcastle immediately, or at some time in the early 1830's. I would suggest the latter.

I have listed all three boys, in my Family Tree computer program, as having (Walton) in their name, as they were baptised as Walton, although they dropped that name in favour of Hannell, after moving to Newcastle. Apparently, it was a social 'burden' to be associated with a 'Scourger'.


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