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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Not much is known, at all, about JOHN WHITE, other than he was a youngish man, of about 16 yrs, when he was convicted at the Lancaster Quarter Sessions on 2nd August, 1819.

John was transported, as a convict, to Australia on board the ship, the 'Earl of St. Vincent'. The ship departed from Portsmouth on 6th April, 1820, and arrived in Sydney, NSW on 16th Aug.

It is believed he possibly came from Liverpool, and was born around 1804.

Shortly after arriving, in 1820, he met Elizabeth HANNELL, in Newcastle, and their relationship resulted in the birth of a daughter, Mary Ann, on 10th May, 1821. Mary Ann was the first baptism registered on the roll, at the Christ Church, Newcastle, according to the Registry records. John and Elizabeth never married.

A girl-child, Mary Ann, joined James, John and Jesse (Walton) HANNELL, as children to Elizabeth, though the brothers did not arrive in Newcastle until, perhaps, the late 1820s, or, very early 1830s. No record of their departure from Parramatta exists.

Mary Ann (White) HANNELL, as she preferred, was to eventually marry Job HUDSON, on the 3rd July, 1838.

John White died suddenly, at the approximate age of 24, on 13th November, 1828. Ironically, shortly before his death, Elizabeth married John Butler HEWSON, her only 'legal' husband, on 28th May, 1828.


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