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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HUDSON, Mary Ann (White)(Hannell)(Hewson)

Elizabeth HANNELL's fourth child, Mary Ann (WHITE) (HANNELL) HUDSON, was born on 10th May, 1821, shortly after Elizabeth Hannell's arrival in Newcastle.

Mary's father was John WHITE, a convict, who met Elizabeth, though he never married her. John died suddenly, on 13th November, 1828, aged about 24 years, it is thought.

Mary was the first child listed on the Baptismal Registry at the Christ Church, in Newcastle - (vide the K.J. Index). Elizabeth, Mary's mother, married John Butler HEWSON, a 'Ticket-of-Leave' man, on the 28th May, 1826, and he gladly fostered the baby daughter. The family were soon joined in the early 1830s, by Elizabeth's three boys, James, John and Jesse, from Parramatta.

Hewson had an instant 'family'. Apparently, from all indications, the association was successful.

Mary's schooling was at the Christ Church School.

At the age of 17 years, on the 20th July, 1838, and still not sure whether she wanted to be called White, or Hannell, or Hewson, Mary married widower, and Free-Settler,Job HUDSON.

Job was a Builder and Cabinet Maker, and had previously been married, with a child. His daughters, were born in 1835 (Ann E.) and on 29th September, 1836, (Elizabeth), shortly after arriving in Australia, and each died within weeks of birth. Tragically, Job's wife, Ann Edith also died a month later, on the 26th December, 1836. Both Ann Edith and baby Elizabeth, were buried at Christ Church Cemetery.

Job had a marvellous business, and was in partnership with Martin Richardson.

By 1848, Mary and Job had five sons. Up until then, they had been living at the Union Inn Hotel, with Elizabeth and Hewson, who were the Licensees. With business booming, and a hectic life at home, Job planned an ill-fated trip to New Zealand.

According to the records available to me, on the 20th July, 1848, on a voyage upon the ship, 'Sobroan', Job either fell overboard, apparently drunk, or jumped, and was never recovered.

Now, the strange part. Mary, 'knew', someone else, after Job's reported death! Information about this person indicates that Dr. R.R.S. BOWKER was the father, and indeed, this is reflected in birth records. They had four children. She named them all after Job Hudson, and, interestingly enough, despite the tragic loss, Mary raised her family of 9 children by herself -

Job Butler HUDSON, b. 6th June, 1839 - m. Clara JONES in 1858

Albert William HUDSON, b. 24th November, 1841 - m. Margaret Jane MEE in 1861

Walter George HUDSON, b. 14th November, 1843 - m. Elizabeth Maria WEBSTER in 1876

Edwin Robertson HUDSON, b. 13th January, 1846 - m. Elizabeth Caroline WATTSON in 1871

John Butler HUDSON, b. 11th March, 1848 - m. Hannah ?

Richard Ryther HUDSON, b. 1850 - m. Elizabeth ?

Charles HUDSON, b. 14th February, 1853 - m. Caroline Elizabeth TORAS

Catherine Elizabeth HUDSON, b. 16th December, 1855 - m. Joseph CROFT in 1871

George HUDSON, b. 1857 - m. Mary BELL in 1880

Mary died on 29th October, 1879.


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