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Sunday, March 2, 2008

HANNELL, James (Walton) - Addendum 2

Continued from: HANNELL, James (Walton) - Addendum 1

There are many, many press clippings about James Hannell, but in retrospect, they are mostly the same. Wilfred J. GOOLD, in his book, 'The Growth of Newcastle' - (see below), presents some aspects of James' public life, in a different light. Here is a page from Goold's book...

Then, we see James in a public persona, the 'tough' Mayor of Newcastle - tough, yet altruistic. Giving, yet obstinate in his determinations. The Newcastle Hospital is but one of his determinations. Clarence, his son, would have more influence in this project, however.

The publication by W.J.Goold ...

Obituary ...

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