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Saturday, March 1, 2008

HANNELL, James (Walton) - Addendum 3

Continued from HANNELL, James (Walton) - Addendum 2 ...

James Hannell, and his wife Mary, née 'PRIEST', had eleven children. Nine of those survived James.

Perhaps most noted of the children was Clarence, due to his tireless work for the Newcastle Hospital, which he carried on after the death of his father, James.

Another noted figure is that of Fanny, who married Joseph Wood. It was due to her efforts, and generosity, that the original organ was secured for the Christ Church Cathedral, in Newcastle.

The children were:

Clarence Hewson, b.Oct.15,1836 (BDM V18361179 20/1836) - d.Apr.3,1909 (BDM 2528/1909) - m. Maria Phoebe TIGHE

Stephena Mary, b.Jun.2,1838 (BDM V18381282 22/1838) - d.Sep.1927 (BDM 12068/1927) - m. Henry ROUSE

James Edward*, b.Jun.30,1840 (BDM V18401483 24A/1840) - d.Dec.3,1842 (BDM V18421155 26B/1842)

Emily Frances, b.Dec.25,1841 (BDM V18411572 26A/1841) - d.May 7,1906 (BDM 9634/1906) - m. Thomas Albert CLACK

Fanny Anne, b.Jan.27,1844 - d.Oct.29,1910 (BDM 14480/1910) - m. Joseph WOOD

James Edward, b.Nov.15,1847 (BDM V18472158 32A/1847) - d.Mar.2,1903 (BDM 2481/1903) - m. Jane Danson RUSH

Mary Elizabeth, b.Oct.6,1850 (BDM V18502927 35/1850) - d.Apr.30,1884 (BDM Unsure) - m. Edwin Alfred MITCHELL

Florence Jane, b.Dec.9,1853 (BDM V18551671 42A/1855) - d.Jun.16,1931 (BDM 8321/1931) - m. John Aloysius CRAVEN

Constance Myra, b.Oct.11,1857 (BDM 9291/1857) - d.Nov.8,1928 (BDM 17776/1928) - m. Rev. William Fenton JAMES

John Henry*, b.Aug.28,1858 (BDM 10433/1859) - d.Apr.19,1860 (BDM 4955/1860)

Arthur Hubert, b.Jan.13,1862 (BDM 10868/1862) - d.Dec.30,1938 (BDM 23685/1938) - m. Sarah Jane BRIGGS

* Denotes infant death.

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